Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Proof That Life is not a Movie

A former model who headed a glamor bodyguard company in Russia was killed trying to prevent her Porsche from being carjacked:
Russia's most famous female bodyguard Anna Loginova has been killed after failing to prevent her own Porsche being carjacked.

The glamorous 29-year-old died from head injuries after clinging on to the door handle and being dragged along the street at high speed as the car screeched away.
Sadly, she seems to have believed her own press and paid for that belief with her life. And, of course, having her own car stolen like this would have been very bad for business.

Movies, television shows, and role-playing games all seem to giving women the message lately that size doesn't matter, that a 110 pound woman who takes a few jiu-jitsu lessons can foil a 220 pound male criminal. The laws of physics disagree.