Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man

Sweet. Good old American can-do spirit and technology. Just don't over-analyze the technology, especially the aerodynamics of a man flying in a suit of armor. Try not to launch lunch on the dollop of moral relativism (rapacious captitalists selling advanced weapons to terrorists) and enjoy the show, especially when Iron Man's software individually targets multiple terrorists using human shields and takes them all out at once.

Try not to recreate my theater experience: urban morons who brought three pre-schoolers, laughed like Red Skelton doing Heathcliff, passed glasses of vodka back and forth, applauded and giggled loudly during the film, passed the smallest child across the seats after she filled her pants, wore flowery cologne that wore off about a half hour into the show, exposing the audience to mutant BO - I finally moved when the kids started crawling back and forth over the seats.