Thursday, June 05, 2008

Saddam Kicking Down Towers

The cartoon below was sent to me by an Army major who discovered it in a copy of Al-Qadissia*, the official Saddam-era Iraqi newspaper, when the major's unit staged at the Iraqi war college in Baghdad.

The cartoon shows a giant figure identified as Saddam, kicking over skyscrapers while a soldier with "USA" on his helmet scurries away, and the world looks on with approval.

The Al-Qadissia issue with the cartoon was dated June, 2000.

*Al-Qadissia is named for the decisive 636 AD battle that brought Islam to Persia on the tips of Arab swords. Saddam called the Iran-Iraq War "Saddam's Qadissia" and commemorated it with the famous giant crossed swords sculpture.