Sunday, June 28, 2009

President Ousted in Honduras

The Honduran military has ousted Manuel Zelaya, sending him into exile in Costa Rica:
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (June 28) - Soldiers seized the national palace and sent President Manuel Zelaya into exile in Costa Rica early Sunday, hours before a highly disputed constitutional referendum. Zelaya called the action a coup and pledged to serve out the remaining five months of his term.
The President and his Secretary of State were quick to voice their concerns for democracy and the rule of law:
President Barack Obama said he was "deeply concerned" by Zelaya's expulsion and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the arrest should be condemned.

"I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter," Obama's statement read.
Of course, the Honduran military acted with the support of that country's supreme court, who had ruled Zelaya's proposals to change the constitution so that he could remain in power illegal. Also of course, Zelaya is a radical leftist allied with Hugo Chavez.

Wow, the Obama administration springs immediately into action to succor a wannabe Marxist dictator, yet Beloved Leader Barrack couldn't find it in his heart to say a few "just words" when Iranians were dying in the streets under the thumb of the mullahs.