Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yes We Can Inspire Through Great Artworks

Andrew Breitbart's latest scoop: co-opting the National Endowment for the Arts to produce propaganda art to further President Obama's agenda:
The White House is attempting to mimic Leni Riefenstahl by rounding up those in the arts and entertainment industry and using them as the vehicles through which President Obama can peddle his agenda...

...MR. SKOLNIK: All right. So we will

5 begin. As people join us, I’ll ask them to mute

6 their phones periodically just so we can hear

7 everybody. This is Mike Skolnik. I am based in

8 New York. I am a film maker for the past ten years

9 but currently serve as the political director for

10 Russell Simmons.

11 I have been asked by folks in the White

12 House and folks in the NEA about a month ago in a

13 conversation that was had. We had the idea that I

14 would help bring together the independent artists

15 community around the country.

[my emphasis]
So what if a few rules and laws get bent? Artwork for the State can be truly inspiring.