Friday, January 28, 2005

al-Jazeera "Expert" Has Questionable Credentials

The latest shill to spew anti-American propaganda for Arab disinformation outlet al-Jazeera is Mounzer Sleiman, who is billed as "a Washington-based senior political-military analyst with expertise in US national security affairs".

But Sleiman's PHD is from Rushmore University, an online institution without traditional accreditation that reportedly doesn't even require a bachelor's degree for admission.

Sleiman's Rushmore University Photo describes Rushmore U. here:
I also found schools, such as "Mount Rushmore University" ( that offer admission without a B.A. However, these schools are not accredited institutions, their degrees are not recognised or reputable...
DegreeNet has this to add:
American Association of Nontraditional Collegiate Business Schools. Another plausible-sounding but unlocatable accreditor mentioned by Rushmore University.