Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mainstream Media Hoping to Undermine Iraqi Elections?

NBC, ABC, the LA Times, and CBS all seem to be drawing stories from the Democratic Party playbook, with remarkably similar headlines, all emphasizing terrorist attacks, rather than the fact that Iraqis are beginning to vote in their first free election in over fifty years. Reading the mainstream media headlines, an outside observer might conclude that they were all composed in the same newsroom.
Pre-election violence

From abcNEWS:
Pre-Election Violence Stings Iraq

Pre-election Violence Rages

Voting Begins, Violence Escalates
Contrast this with Fox's take, which, while not exactly upbeat, emphasizes the historical aspect of the elections and personalizes them with a quote from an Iraqi exile.
From Foxnews:
Iraqi Expats Begin Casting Ballots
SYDNEY, Australia — Exiled Iraqi voters began casting ballots in western Sydney on Friday in their nation's historic elections — the first since former dictator Saddam Hussein's (search) 2003 ouster.

"This is a long dream that now comes true," said 56-year-old Karim Jari before casting his vote. "We hope this is a new beginning."
The bias of the mainstream media outlets has seldom been more blatant.