Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Scarborough Demands Eason Jordan's Head on a Spike

From Scarborough Country
We learned this week that one of CNN's most powerful news executives told a group of world leaders overseas that American soldiers had targeted reporters for assassination.

That's right.

One of the top news executives in America spent his time before some of the most influential people on the planet telling them that American men and women deliberately targeted journalists for assassination.

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank told Michelle Malkin that after Jordan made the statements, he was so troubled that he tried to get specific examples from Jordan. But Jordan refused to provide an ounce of proof to support his outrageous charge.

Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd, a democratic leader in the upper chamber, confirmed Jordan made the outrageous comments.
Scarborough then goes on to talk about Jordan's earlier accusations and his admission that they sat on stories of Saddam Hussein's atrocities in Iraq to preserve their Baghdad bureau, and concludes, "Eason Jordan should be fired."