Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Terror Cell Planned Attacks on US Nationals in Kuwait

The Daily Star (Lebanon) reports that Kuwait has broken up an al Qaida-linked terrorist group that was planning to carry out attacks on American interests and the headquarters of Kuwaiti state security.
The Kuwaiti government told Parliament during a closed-door session Tuesday that security forces have either killed or arrested the majority of a 24-member terror cell, a parliamentary source said.

The group allegedly plotted to attack residential complexes inhabited by Americans and places frequented by U.S. nationals, in addition to attacking the headquarters of State Security, the emirate's secret service.

A government statement said eight militants had been killed and 14 captured during four deadly gun battles with police, while two others were still being hunted, the source told AFP following a session that lasted seven hours.

An Internet statement vowed Tuesday that militants would "continue the jihad until Judgment Day."

"There will be a great war and many innocent victims," it said. "We demand the expulsion from Kuwait of infidel American and other occupying forces who are here because of you."
Kuwait has recently passed a law making it easier for police to obtain search warrants in response to violent attacks that have taken the lives of several officers.