Sunday, March 13, 2005

White Man Be The Devil

Adam Mansbach is so very retro. Writing in the Boston Globe today, Mansbach (who is white) trots out a wealth of hoary limousine-liberal clichés to put down The Man. And The Man is not just the Old South slaveholders and sixties-era race-baiting ideologues. The Man is every white person who ever lived. One can easily imagine Mansbach calling for the ritual beating of white babies to punish them for their evil whiteness.

Yes, February-Black History Month-is, as Adam mourns, the shortest month of the year. Thank God. Black History month has become an abomination most commonly used to foment racial hatred and exempt from responsibility African Americans who have failed in modern society. In high schools across the country, black students compete not against the overall student norm, but against each other. Colleges concerned with diversity do not encourage scholarship, but merely an empty racial balancing of books to maintain their "progressive" credentials. African Americans have been converted into second-class citizens by the condescending racism of Liberal America - the notion that blacks can't compete in mainstream society. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"Who would be the icons of White History Month?" Mansbach asks, rhetorically, for of course Mansbach has already selected the slave master, the KKK man, the bigoted banker...and beyond that, every white person should experience guilt for being white.

But the question is bogus anyway. Why should people be defined, as Mansbach wants, solely on the basis of their race? Why is Mansbach so eager to return to the race riots of the sixties? What passion could drive a man to become a racial hate monger?

The answer comes at the end of the column, not from Mansbach, but from the editor. Adam Mansbach has just published a race novel. Hatred for profit. Nice.