Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hezbollah Refuses to Disarm

During an interview with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation yesterday President Bush called on Syria to stop supporting terrorists/insurgents in Iraq, to withdraw completely from Lebanon, and to shut down Hezbollah, recognized by the US as a terrorist organization. The leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrullah, says that the group will not give up their weapons. From Arabic News:
Nasrullah said in an interview with Reuters that his party will keep its weapons and will not give it up, noting that this decision is because of the continued Israeli occupation and the risks of occupation against his country.

He stressed that the UN Security Council resolution demanding Hizbullah to hand over its weapons is meaningless and of no value.
Nasrullah's worries about "occupation" can only be viewed as disingenuous given that Hezbollah abetted and profited from the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. The leaders and members of Hezbollah simply may not be civilized enough to participate in a new, independent Lebanese government.

Nasrullah has one thing right, though. The UN Security Council resolution is "meaningless and of no value". The UN has tried to bluff too many times.