Friday, April 22, 2005

Video of Terrorists Murdering Injured Survivor of Helicopter Crash

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report has posted graphic screen captures and a link to download video showing terrorists of the Islamic Army of Iraq murdering the lone survivor of a helicopter apparently downed by the group. Major western news sources are not showing the video, describing it as "too graphic".

Upon murdering the civilian, the terrorists cite Kevin Sites' infamous video of a Marine killing an insurgent feigning death in Fallujah.

The video is downloadable from a site called

Update: I've finally been able to download and view the video. The infovlad site is obviously experiencing a high volume of traffic. Because they have cited the video of the Marine in Fallujah killing a wounded insurgent who he thought was feigning death, I wanted to see if it was possible that the IAI terrorists could have felt in any way threatened by the man they shot.

The man, wearing a blue coverall without visible insignia, is discovered lying in high grass an indeterminate distance from the crash site. When told to "stand up" in English he replies, "It's broken...give me a hand, it's broken", and is helped to his feet by a terrorist. The man keeps his hands out to the sides at all times, apparently to indicate he is not a threat to the terrorists. The terrorists tell him, "Go, go!" and he hobbles painfully away a few paces, then turns and raises his right hand in a defensive gesture as the first terrorist shoots him. More shots are fired as he falls onto his back, then the terrorists continue to fire into his body as he lays on the ground. At no time does the man pose a threat, or give the appearance of posing a threat. What sounds like "Allahu akbar!" (God is Great) is being shouted by the terrorists as they shoot the man.

Update and Clarification:

There was no mention of Fallujah on the videotape. I forgot to include a link to al-Jazeera, which quotes an Islamic website claiming responsibility for the murder:
"One of the crew members was captured alive and killed," it said.

The group said the crew member was killed to "avenge Muslims killed in cold blood in Falluja's mosques ... in front of the eyes of the world and on television screens without anyone protesting".