Saturday, July 16, 2005

11 Soldiers Charged With Abuse in Iraq

In a clear sign that some brasshats have too much time on their hands to second-guess soldiers, eleven US soldiers have been charged with abusing suspected insurgents. From Reuters [emphasis added]:
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The United States military has charged 11 soldiers with assaulting prisoners, the army said on Saturday.

"The charges are related to a report by a Task Force Baghdad Soldier that other Soldiers had allegedly assaulted some suspected terrorists," the 3rd Infantry Division, which patrols Baghdad, said in a statement.

The army's criminal investigation division had presented the charges, which could lead to a court martial if approved by commanders.

The statement gave few details about the alleged abuse, but said none of the detainees had required medical treatment for injuries. It did not say how many detainees were involved, but said all but one were subsequently freed.

The unit involved has been suspended from its active duties for retraining pending the investigation, it said.
This smacks of the same kind of chickenshit overreaction by the Army that Marine Ilario Pantano was subjected to by REMFs at Eighth and Eye.

Thanks to partisan jackasses like Dick Durbin some of the brass have our soldiers walking on eggs while trying to fight a war.