Friday, June 03, 2005

Ilario Pantano to Resign Commission

Lieutenant Ilario Pantano, the Marine who faced the death penalty when he was tried for murder in the deaths of two insurgents, will resign his commission. From The Associated Press:
06/03/05 - WILMINGTON) — The Camp Lejeune Marine who was accused of murder in the shootings of two Iraqis last year says he will resign.
Second Lieutenant Ilario Pantano says he is resigning the officers commission he fought to attain after rejoining the military following the September Eleventh terrorist attacks. He says the intense scrutiny that came with the accusations have taken a toll, adding it has been an "unholy year" for his family.

Pantano faced an Article 32 hearing in the case, but the officer presiding over the hearing recommended that the charges be dropped.

Pantano is expected to announce his plans to leave the Marines today during a fish fry in Wilmington. U-S Representative Walter Jones will attend and will be honored by Pantano for his continued support of Marines.
Losing an officer like Pantano, who left a plush NYC job to volunteer, is a black eye for the Marine Corps, thanks to the feather merchants who pushed on with this bogus prosecution.

Via The Jawa Report.