Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Jihad Grows in France

From ABC News:
President Jacques Chirac has promised to restore order in France after riots in Paris spread across the country and began to unnerve his European neighbours.
The French goverment's inability to quell the intifada being perpetrated by Muslim immigrants has allowed the violence to continue and spread throughout the country. Meanwhile, mainstream media in Europe and the US maintain the fiction that the terrorists perpetrating acts such as dousing a disabled woman with gas and lighting her afire are simply youths voicing legitimate grievances, rather than the product of a religious culture that has yet to emerge from the seventh century. Perhaps that explains the news blackout on the Danish riots, which started on the same day.

The riots have moved from the suburbs into central Paris and, there as ABC reports, other European governments are becoming alarmed. They should be alarmed, many of them shelter large Muslim immigrant populations within their borders, and news organizations are busily informing those populations that rioting and random vilence is the way settle any score they may have.

It's past time for Chirac to stop walking on eggshells and tell his police that it's okay to deal firmly with the Islamic terrorists downtrodden youth.