Friday, February 24, 2006

3 Al Arabiya Journalists Murdered in Iraq

From The Gulf Daily News:
SAMARRA: Three Iraqi journalists working for Al Arabiya satellite television network were kidnapped and killed on the outskirts of Samarra, north of Baghdad, police said yesterday.
The three were in Samarra to report on the bombing of the shrine and on the angry demonstrations that followed.

"The bodies of the presenter Atwar Bahjat Al Samerai, cameraman Adnan Abdallah and soundman Khaled Mohsen were found early this morning some 15km north of Samarra," police said.

They were believed to have been kidnapped on Wednesday evening as they were leaving town.

A fourth person travelling with them was able to escape.
What Brainiac sent a crew of three Sunni Muslims to cover the destruction of one of the Shia Muslims' most revered shrines? Atwar Bahjat Al Samerai was reportedly one of the most recognized women in Iraq.