Thursday, February 23, 2006

Able Danger: Still Simmering

I participated in a conference call tonight with Representative Curt Weldon (R-PA) and several other bloggers about the Able Danger program, 9/11, the USS Cole attack, and the ongoing coverup by mid- to senior-level bureaucrats spanning two administrations. Frankly, a lot of information was forthcoming and I need time to process it all.

But I do want to address a charming bit of character assassination by Washington Post writer William M. Arkin, who has a problem with Able Danger whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer:
And then there's Shaffer, who offered a rambling, paranoid, messianic story in his testimony claiming again not only the existence of the chart, but also Defense Department efforts at cover-up and retribution against him for revealing the TRUTH.
I read Shaffer's February 15 testimony this afternoon, in preparation for the conference call - all 48 pages of it. It details the vicious steps that have been taken to try to silence Shaffer.

I have a different perspective from Arkin. When I was a Federal employee, I had occasion to blow the whistle myself. Shaffer's testimony rings true. Every word. This is how bureaucrats cover their asses.

The tone of Arkin's piece is set when he pronounces the testimony of Under Secretary of Defense Stephen Cambone as "truth", yet never mentions that Cambone refused to be sworn in, and that the testimony of three sworn witnesses contradicts Cambone.

Of the DoD investigation to which Cambone refers, Curt Weldon had this to say tonight, "No one was put under oath...there were no sworn affidavits." Evidently Arkin didn't know this.

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