Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It Is Enough, Debbie, Go Home (UPDATED)

There is a nasty internecine conflict going on among some prominent members of the right lobe of the blogosphere. The principle antagonists are The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and Debbie Schlussel, two blogs that occasionally shoot from the hip.

Debbie wrote a post condemning Denmark for past acts of appeasement to Islamists. Darth Misha of the Rottweiller, a native Dane who is now a US citizen, took offense, and responded in anger. Debbie hinted at a lawsuit in an email, Misha retracted the offending portions of his post, apologized for questionable language choices, and that should have been that.

But it wasn't. Debbie began emailing friends of Misha, and
wives of friends of Misha. Understandable, given that these folks had either supported Misha (or Debbie perceived them to support Misha).

But now the vendetta has been extended to bystanders simply reporting about the fight. This is unreasonable.

In an essay about the 1983 Soviet downing of Korean Airlines flight 007 (published in Jerry Pournelle's There Will Be War, Volume III, Blood and Iron) Reginald Bretnor recounts an incident involving Ivan the Grim, a particularly savage Russian Tsar, and a "holy idiot", one of the only group to enjoy freedom of speech under the Tsars:
He [Ivan the Grim] then moved on the city of Pskov, where he began the same sort of thing [looting, torturing, killing]. However, there he was confronted by a "holy idiot", one Mikula Svyet, who demonstrated his holiness by, among other things, going naked summer and winter. Mikula pointed at the Czar and said, "It is enough, Ivan, go home!"

And Ivan went...
And so I'll play the role of the idiot and say, "It is enough, Debbie, go home!"

Update: It is not enough
Debbie Schlussel has put up a post accusing Jay Stephenson of Stop the ACLU of stealing, but can't resist excoriating Jay for, well linking to other websites:
Thereafter, Jay decided to defame me and link to other sites that did, while still thinking I'd represent him. It's my policy not to provide free legal work to people who attack me. Not a smart move, Jay.