Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nigerian Christians Kill Muslims, Burn Bodies

From the Washington Post:
ONITSHA, Nigeria Feb. 23 -- Mobs stopped killing and looting in this battered Nigerian city Thursday and turned to disposing of the evidence in the crudest of ways. With smoldering bonfires fueled by pieces of wood and old tires, men burned the remains of their Muslim victims on downtown streets, leaving behind charred legs, skulls and shoulders that motorists swerved to avoid.

As the city's thousands of surviving Muslims struggled to return to their northern homes or huddled as refugees at police stations, Christian residents expressed little remorse for their role in five days of religious violence sparked by anger over the publishing of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad.
This might not be an ideal venue for the touring "Piss Christ" show. Keep in mind that the Cartoon War was instigated by Danish imams who toured the middle east fomenting violence, in some cases using faked cartoons.

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