Friday, March 31, 2006

ABC Producer Suspended Over Email: 'Bush makes me sick.' (Updated)

ABC weekend Good Morning America producer John Green (previous post here) has reportedly been suspended for a month by ABC. From the New York Observer:
ABC News executives have suspended Weekend Good Morning America executive producer John Green for a month, after two politically charged personal e-mails Green sent to a colleague were leaked to the press, according to two network sources.
This is the email that Green sent to a colleague during the 2004 Presidential debates (click to enlarge):

The exposure of Green's gross bias went virtually unreported by the mainstream media.

Update: protein wisdom notes that another Green memo describes Green's distaste for Madeleine Albright because she has "Jew shame".

Meanwhile, the mainstream media have remained silent on the original memo story and the decision to suspend Green, which was made, conveniently, on a Friday in order to minimize its impact in the standard news cycle. ABC needn't have bothered; their buddies are covering for them just fine.

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