Monday, March 27, 2006

American Legion Wants to Stop Flow of Tax Dollars to ACLU

Though most Americans are unaware of it, the American Civil Liberties Union has taken millions of dollars from the American taxpayers to cover attorneys' fees for suing the taxpayers. This is based on a Federal law that requires a plaintiff's attorneys' fees to be paid by the government if a court finds that the plaintiff's civil rights have been violated. The law has become a gravy train for the rapacious solicitors who make the ACLU their career.

Now, the American Legion is supporting a reform measure by Representative John Hostettler (R-IN), which would close this loophole and take the ACLU off the public dole, thus discouraging frivolous suits intended only to generate income for ACLU lawyers.

From BP News:
WASHINGTON (BP)--Indiana’s John Hostettler is trying for the fifth consecutive Congress to prevent the American Civil Liberties Union from receiving government funds when it succeeds at legal challenges to public expressions of religion.

The American Legion released a 40-page document Feb. 28 urging its members to work for passage of Hostettler’s bill. The publication, "In the Footsteps of the Founders," provides a blueprint for building local support for the legislation in an effort to urge members of Congress to approve it. The document has been sent to all of the nearly 15,000 American Legion posts, and the organization’s national commander, Tom Bock, has urged members in a written release to “educate and activate” their communities.
Via Stop the ACLU, where Jay has posted a petition you can sign to support the reform legislation.

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