Thursday, March 30, 2006

Castro Dead?

Rumors of Castro's death have elicited denials from Cuba. The source of the rumors appears to be this rough translation on Argentina IndyMedia:
The dictator dies to Havana Fidel I castrate

EPT - mié 29 sea, 20h22

In afternoon today Cuban dictator died in his residence of the Laguito longevo Fidel I castrate.
According to sources officials the Cuban dictator I have not been castrating for some days was in delicate state of health after to have undergone a sudden infarct.
Fidel I castrate volume the power the 1 of January of 1959, with a coup d'etat, demoting to Fulgencio dictator Batiste and since then one has stayed in being able.
Official sources of the government, its brother Raul I castrate and stops leaders of the regime have not even wanted to notify to the Cuban town, awaiting an international reaction.
In a story released just two hours ago, the official Cuba news Agency claims that Castro held a meeting last evening with the Executive Secretary of the Latin American Energy Organization.

I have a magnum of Mumms just waiting for news that one of the twentieth century's most notorious dictators is with Beelzebub.

Via The Jawa Report.