Friday, March 31, 2006

FISA: More Low, Dishonest Ranting From the Left

A long and rambling piece at Unclaimed Territory - By Glenn Greenwald posted by "Anonymous Liberal" and updated by Glenn Greenwald, purports to counter John Hinderaker at Powerline and spring to the defense of New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau in his ongoing efforts to get Bush by subverting the nation's defense.

One major problem; both Anonymous Liberal and Greenwald ignored the quotes from FISA judges at the hearing that were the basis of Hinderaker's condemnation of Lichtblau's article, including this one:
Judge Kornblum: I think--as a Magistrate Judge, not a District Judge, that a President would be remiss in exercising his Constitutional authority to say that, "I surrender all of my power to a statute," and, frankly, I doubt that Congress, in a statute, can take away the President's authority, not his inherent authority, but his necessary and proper authority.
The failure by Unclaimed Territory to reproduce even the smallest snippet of the transcript testimony that Hindraker used as the basis of his post is a clear indication that the intent here is to change the subject and obscure what was really said at the hearing.

Make sure you read the entire post at Powerline. That will evidently put you one up on Greenwald and Anonymous Liberal.