Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Comments Section

Last evening, LGF opened up the register to comment, and I managed to slip in. Normally, I just read the posts and skip the comments, now I'm glad I have an excuse to go in. That's where I found this.


The Last Warning To The American People

"Despite the fact that the New York, Washington, Madrid, and Londonexpeditions have been carried out a few years back. The search for clues on how they were conducted in such a successful manner is still going on and reports upon reports are still being written about them. However, the next expedition might not find someone who can provide analysis for. The top intellects, strategists, and analysts, will be totally clueless as to how to explain what occurred. Let me also inform you that we are talking about two operations, not one. The scale of one of them is larger than the other but both are large and significant. However, we will start with the smaller, and temporarily put the larger on hold to see how serious the Americans are about their lives. Should you value your own life and security, accept Muslims’ demands, but if you shall prefer death (over giving in to Muslims’ demands). Then, we, by the grace of Allah, are the best in bringing it (death) to your door steps.

Follow the link to read it all.

I did a Google News search and there is none, zero, mention of this in the media. The only other two hits I got were the SITE Institute and World Net Daily.

Whether this is a legitimate threat, or some jackoff spouting off, we need to get the word out anyway.

Thanks for keeping us informed, media.