Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pirate Armada Strikes Again in Dual Raid

With the integrity of one of the Armada's admirals maligned, a raid was organized on the aptly named lefty blog Drinking Liberally:
It's still going on and the ReThugs are pushing back...

with their usual lies.
"with their usual lies" was posted as a hyperlink to Admiral Jay's blog Stop the ACLU, where he had posted about the ill-fated Feingold censure motion.

The author of the defamatory post was called out, but declined to take the field, though a moonbat calling himself "Pericles", possibly a sock puppet, tried to argue with innuendo and invective until silenced by Buccaneer Dread Pirate Roberts, who humiliated him in a cleverly laid rhetorical trap. Even the mighty Admiral Misha appeared, swinging his terrible spiked cluebat.

Simultaneously, the Armada attacked one of the vast Democrat echo chambers at Think Progress. Buccaneers of the Armada remained at this target-rich environment well into the evening hours; Buccaneer Veritas Regina wrote, "We are still at it on the secondary target". Indeed, most of the leftist swarm seemed confused by the organized assault and offered no more resistance than baby seals under the club.