Thursday, April 20, 2006

Syracuse University: Duke Lacrosse Players Not Welcome

Syracuse University Athletic Director Daryl Gross told the Syracuse Post-Standard today that he would not allow any Duke Blue Devils lacrosse players to transfer to the Syracuse lacrosse program.
At least one Duke University lacrosse player has indicated an interest in transferring from the troubled program. But Syracuse University athletic director Daryl Gross said Tuesday he will not sanction the transfer of any former Blue Devil to Syracuse.

"I think it would be inappropriate," Gross said.

SU coach John Desko said he's received written notification from Duke that sophomore attackman Zack Greer is seeking his release from the school. Athletes intent upon transferring from one program to another ask their athletic departments to issue releases to schools the athlete is interested in attending.
The Duke lacrosse program is under a cloud following allegations by a woman hired to perform at a party at the house of three Duke lacrosse captains that she was beaten and raped. Two Duke players have been charged in the incident, which carries racial baggage. Zach Greer has not been implicated.

The players are white and the woman, hired as an exotic dancer, is black. Michael Nifong, the white Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney, is running for reelection in a largely black district. The case has outraged many black residents who fear that rich, white college students will be given special consideration against a black accuser.

The SU booster blog Orange::44 notes that at least one black athlete who was the subject of criminal allegations is attending the school on a scholarship. This seems to indicate a double standard.

SU Athletic Director Daryl Gross is black.

Could this be a job for the American Civil Liberties Union?

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