Sunday, April 23, 2006

This One's For Michelle

If anyone had any doubts about the feelings of those serving in the War on Terror regarding the Left's vicious attacks on Michelle Malkin, this email I received should explain things:
In defense of Malkin vs. UC Santa Cruz
Before I manned the jet and flew yet another mission over Afghanistan (20.7hrs) I was able to write a few names on one of the 12 2000# face melting JDAM's we carry. I'm sending this your way from a real e-mail address before I send it "their" way from a fake one. Something tells me they won't like the picture.

Rocco--Thanks for the e-mail, the "tards" in UCSC are going to love this one.


C.L. Lucas

*Major, USAF*

Any of you verminous peacenik pukes got a question for the Major?