Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CENTCOM Roundup For August 1

Press Releases Old Media Won't Cover

Terrorists Captured:
BAGHDAD – Coalition forces captured five terrorists during simultaneous raids in southwest Baghdad July 31.

Security forces targeted associates of a terrorist leader who is reported to be linked with attacks against Iraqi civilians, security forces and Coalition troops. This individual is reported to have significant links to several high level al–Qaida in Iraq leaders. Credible intelligence has indicated that he had been attempting to obtain rockets for a future attack.
The final paragraph of this release is of particular interest:
These raids are another example of how Iraqi and Coalition forces continue deliberate and methodical operations in order to hunt down and capture or kill all terrorists threatening the security and stability of Iraq. These operations will continue to be successful with the support and cooperation of the Iraqi people.
Coalition efforts are "deliberate and methodical", aimed at the continued degradation of terrorist command and control capabilities, while al Qaeda efforts are designed as spectaculars to attract the attention of journalists, the way monkeys can be distracted with shiny objects.

Al Qaeda Leader Turned Over to Iraqi Authorities:
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces announce they’ve turned over to the Iraqi government an al-Qaida in Iraq leader that has admitted to conducting terrorist activity since 2004. The terrorist will now be prosecuted by the Iraqi government under the Iraqi justice system.

The terrorist leader held multiple leadership positions within al-Qaida and was appointed by Abu Mus’ab al Zarqawi and Abu Ayyub al Masri to two of the positions he held. At one time, he coordinated and oversaw the operations of five different terrorist cells at one time.

He was captured in a raid in western Baghdad that resulted from intelligence gathered during the successful targeting of former al-Qaida in Iraq leader Zarqawi in early June.
Senior Al Qaeda Leaders Captured:
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces successfully targeted and detained two senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders and three other suspected terrorists during multiple raids in central and northern Iraq on the morning of July 29.

A recent detainee provided information that led the security forces to one of the terrorists, a top leader for the Al Dhuluiyah area. The targeted individual was reportedly the main planner for the attack against Peshmerga forces at a checkpoint in Al Dhuluiya in May 2006. Credible intelligence also ties the terrorist leader to other al-Qaida leaders in the area.

In a separate raid, security forces detained a principal financial and logistical coordinator for al-Qaida in the Mosul area. He also was reportedly the leader of a terrorist cell responsible for kidnappings and executing vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) and IED attacks in Mosul.
One Terrorist Dead, Six Captured:
BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed one targeted terrorist and captured six others during a raid in Baghdad July 27.

The targeted terrorists were reported to be associated with an al-Qaida in Iraq terrorist leader who was targeted and killed during a raid July 26. That individual was a known bomb maker and weapons dealer and had significant links to several high level al–Qaida in Iraq leaders.
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