Friday, September 15, 2006

A Soldier's Open Letter to Congress and the President

One of the contributors at Stop the ACLU is a lieutenant colonel in the military. Today he posted an open letter to Congress and the President, asking for action on the President's plan to hold military tribunals, and for our government to seek the advice of serving military officers.

It is incumbent on both the House and the Administration to move the “tribunal battle” from Washington to the many military posts around the United States and the globe. The Administration plan will be enthusiastically welcomed by troops in the field and the Senate will be embarrassed by what a minority of the majority has just approved to send to the Senate Floor.

In the manner that immigration field hearings were conducted, I urge the House to conduct field hearings at places like Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Stewart, and the Navy War College.

I urge the President to go on a speaking tour touting the Administration plan at Ft. Drum, the US Army Command and General Staff College and in SW Asia...

The American People have a right, through the Congress, to “ask” those in Uniform which plan best guarantees the safety of their family and the Nation. Let us speak, I already know the answer that you will receive, it will shame the Senate and it will enlighten the Public.
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