Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why Did They Hold Their Fire?

U.S. military officials tell NBC News they had “high-level” Taliban fighters in their gunsights during a July reconnaissance flight but decided not to fire. The decision to pass on the target angered some in the military, but commanders say they have “no regrets.”
So why did they hold their fire and why "no regrets"?

Because they knew that their most powerful enemy, the American mainstream media working in the best interests of the Democratic party, would seize on the opportunity to attack them.

Here's what the headlines would have been like had the Army wiped out what they suspected were Taliban troops and leaders:

Drone Attacks Mourners at Funeral
Muslims Protest Desecration of Funeral Service
Senators Murtha and Durbin Demand Investigation Into Authorization of Funeral Attack

You don't believe it? Here's a story that followed a successful missile strike in Pakistan, again from MSNBC:
Pakistan Islamic groups decry U.S. after strike

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Islamic groups vowed Monday to keep up their anti-American protests over a purported CIA airstrike that Pakistan says killed innocent civilians instead of the apparent target — al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader.
Slate headline: Were the Missile Strikes in Pakistan Illegal?

Of course the locals sheltering the militants claimed that everyone was innocent; other reports even included this photo of an inert shell, describing it as part of the missile:

Not only does our military have to face a determined enemy on the battlefield, they have to watch their backs against the enemy within.