Monday, October 29, 2007

Glenn Greenwald Responds Again

And tries to move the goalposts, a favorite tactic on the Left:
Now that he has cleverly obtained from me what he thinks is previously secret evidence (i.e., the full, unedited Boylan e-mail which I published myself yesterday), Dread Pundit has written a dramatic post accusing me of concealing parts of Col. Boylan's email. And that's not all. Also: "The parts that Greenwald chose not to publish tend to contradict his characterization of the email as 'bizarre' and 'unsolicited'." He has titled his post: "Full Text of Email Reveals Greenwald Mischaracterizations," and he re-prints the entire e-mail which I sent to him, bolding the parts he says I "chose to leave out." Very dramatic.
Oh no! Snippy McSockpuppet is reading my thoughts!

Except, he isn't, as the first paragraph of my post notes:
Glenn Greenwald, as he had promised in his post at Salon, has forwarded the email he says he received from Colonel Steven A. Boylan, Public Affairs Officer for General Petraeus.
Glenn has decided to pretend that I accused him of concealing the full, alleged Boylan email. I did not. What I pointed out is that Greenwald used creative redaction to build up a strawman for himself to confront, while knowing that most of his readers would never bother to follow the external link to the full email.

Meanwhile, Glenn's defenders are having a difficult time following their train of thought from one paragraph to the next, specifically this passage:
The parts that Greenwald chose not to publish tend to contradict his characterization of the email as "bizarre" and "unsolicited".
"Publish" refers to the Salon article, not the external link to Greenwald's blog. If any lefties are still confused, simply mumble " the Salon post..." quietly to yourself.

Apparently, this concept stumped Greenwald as well, or, what is more likely, he is pretending that it has in order to avoid responding to the charge that he deliberately mischaracterized parts of the original email, allegedly from Colonel Boylan.

Update: The Bookworm agrees, and finds le mot juste for Greenwald's particular form of mummery: "dowdification."

Hint for Glenn: it's "du jour," not "de jour." Your minions seem to be highly concerned with that sort of error.