Monday, October 22, 2007

Will You Print the Truth For Free?

When Michael Yon, the freelance journalist covering the war in Iraq, came back to the states during General Petraeus' testimony to Congress, he was shocked at the old news, misinformation, and propaganda circulating in the American public eye:
Clearly, a majority of Americans believe the current set of outdated fallacies passed around mainstream media like watered down drinks at happy hour. Why wouldn’t they? The cloned copy they get comes from the same sources that list the specials at the local grocery store, and the hours and locations of polling places for town elections.
Yon's answer is to offer his firsthand reports to members of the National Newspaper Association free of charge:
...[W]hat if I made a similar offer on a more permanent basis to a large media syndication, say, the National Newspaper Association?

Using the lessons learned from “Bless the Beasts,” it probably won’t be enough just to make the news I am reporting available to NNA-member publications at no cost. There may need to be a little irritating sand in order to get a pearl out of this oyster.
You can donate to Yon's mission here.

Read the whole thing.

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