Saturday, October 20, 2007

Inshallahshaheed IS Our Bitch

Sammy's backup blog became his main blog because his main blog goes down almost as fast as he'll have to in prison. Dead.

His bouncy muslimpad blog is carrying a message he's moving to every online terrorists last refuge. Google owned blogspot.

But not this blogspot blog.

Why move would he have to move to google, other than his current blog is not what you'd call highy available?

Well, Google has never taken down al-Qaeda's blog, so I guess Sammy figures he's tired of the bullshit and wants a host that's guaranteed not to take him down. Well we thought we'd never get him off wordpress. But we did.

I tried to block his new URL but, er, uh, ooops. I'll give him that one. Jawa 5 or 6, Sammy 1.

Have fun uploading all those files and reposting everything.