Wednesday, November 07, 2007

American Jihadi Cornholed, Humiliated...Pwned

The Jawa Report (where I co-blog), having chased American traitor Samir Khan of Charlotte, NC off several blogging platforms by inviting Jawa readers to complain to the hosting companies, has caught the hapless Khan hotlinking copyrighted images for use in his propaganda, and turned Khan's own blog against him.

Khan specializes in posting gruesome photos from around the internet and claiming that they are all American casualties. Some of them are, but many are civilians killed by terrorist acts, and several, which Samir has since removed, were actually "holy martyrs" - the charred and disgusting remains of Islamist suicide bombers. Samir is evidently too stupid to know the difference, and counts on the stupidity of his regular readership.

Khan using hotlinking to save money by conserving bandwidth, an act of electronic parasitism that perfectly reflects his actual everyday life. Howie of The Jawa Report then replaced the images that Khan illegally hotlinked with images meant to be offensive to the offensive Khan and his offensive terrorist wannabe readership, like this one:

You can see more of the images Khan stupidly allowed to run on his blog here. Khan apparently did not notice the changed pictures (probably because of browser caches) until his readers started squealing like little pigs whose slop has turned sour:
11. Nasr - November 7, 2007
Akhi please edit the photos that Jawa pig managed to hack some and replace them with some disgusting ones, may Allaah torment him in Jahannam

10. Walaa Wal Baraa - November 7, 2007
Allahu Akbar! The image with the face blown completely off was disturbing! Yuck!
Salam alaikum. Just to bring to your attention, it appears the images you hotlinked to have been altered to tease you, but one of them offers to publicize your address and phone number. Is that the one who confronted you? I currently do not have the time to read their site in depth.
I'm not the Jawa who confronted Samir, but I am the one who provided his address and phone number to the Jawas.

Should I call your parents, Samir, and let them know what you're up to in their basement when you're not masturbating to beheading videos?

Update: Samir Khan reveals his perverted faith in his angry response and threatens the owner of The Jawa Report, and his family, with death:
12. inshallahshaheed - November 7, 2007
Assalam Alaikum,

Jazakullah Khair to everyone for informing us of what the enemy of Allah, Rusty Shackleford aka mypetjawa (qatalahumullaah), had done with some of the pictures. We initially had a bad feeling of what he might do if we were to link the pictures from his blog.

So now that this true enemy of Allah has shown his ugly face, we say to him: we pray that Allah does not guide you, makes your whole life miserable, and that you are eradicated from the earth by a Mujaahid. We cannot wait to see your expression on the Day of Judgment when reality hits you in the face and the Angels who don’t know the meaning of Mercy will tear you apart into pieces for eternity. We hope that Allah gives you a severe torment in both worlds for your evil deeds. We pray that you die the way Pharaoh died… at the last minute, when his soul was about to be taken by the Angels, he wanted to become Muslim when he saw the truth (i.e., death)… but Allah rejected it and the Angel threw mud in his mouth so that he couldn’t pronounce the testimony which would take him to Paradise.

So let them laugh now, but we will be the ones laughing in the afterlife.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

O Allah kill Rusty Shackleford and terrorize his family.

May this Kaafir rot in this world and be tortured forever in the Hereafter.
Another view of Samir Khan's humiliation: