Thursday, November 08, 2007

Be Sure to Salute Your CO on Veterans Day

No, not that CO, your local Conscientious Objector. That's the message being presented by a teacher at Bay Haven Elementary in Sarasota.

From George Smiley at In From the Cold:
In case you missed it, El Rushbo had a rather disturbing call just before 2 pm (EST) today, from a woman in Sarasota, Florida. She explained that her son is a fourth-grader at Bay Haven Elementary School in the city, and was pleased to learn that the school will celebrate Veteran's Day tomorrow.

Then, her son asked: "Mommy, what's a conscientious objector?"

Turns out that her son's teacher plans to commemorate the holiday by recognizing those who refused to serve. The woman complained to the school's principal, who said she could not dictate how teachers observed Veteran's Day; however, she did agree to the mother's request that her son be moved to another classroom on Friday, for a more appropriate observation of the holiday.
On Mothers Day, the teacher will honor second cousins twice removed.