Monday, January 05, 2009

A Horrible Bastard at DailyKos

Kos diarist "beezling" posted this, just to let everyone know where beezling's head is at.
"...the underdog-supporting Rocky fan in me finds a sort of satisfaction in the death of an Israeli soldier. It's not glee or any other form of happy satisfaction - it's the satisfaction of an ever-so-slight equalization of an exchange. It is no surprise that soldiers die in battle. When you invade a country, you're going to lose soldiers. It's understandable. It's expected. And it's only fair."
Beezling's "Am I a horrible bastard" poll has, thankfully, garnered sixty percent agreement with the sentiment that beezling is, indeed, a horrible bastard.

Of course, there are the 25 percent who agree with beezling that the nasty Jews deserve to die, including one commenter who likes to gloat over American deaths in Iraq, and another who likes to get off hearing about Russians killed by Chechnyans (he must have boiled in his pants when the Chechnyans blew up hundreds of Russian schoolchildren in Beslan).