Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Rubes Bend Over and Drop Your Wallets

You've got your blatant socialism/fascism at the Federal level well underway; here's some nice creeping socialism at the grassroots.

It's Syracuse's Say Yes to Education program, which promises free tuition, fees, and books to kids admitted to the participating colleges and universities - as long as they're not hicks. Only urban youth need apply for the free ride, and most of the participating institutions require no means testing. A few cut off the gravy train if the student's family earns over 75 grand.
At the heart of this pioneering program are two core components: a K-12 comprehensive support program aligned with the key barriers to college access, and the promise of free tuition, fees, and books for all participants.

Any Syracuse City School District student is eligible to participate in the Say Yes program as long as he/she completes high school and meets college entrance requirements.* 23 visionary colleges and universities in the Northeast have already committed their support to the Syracuse Say Yes project with the offer of free college tuition.
Now are these fine institutions really going to pony up all that money for tuition, fees, and even books, or are they going to make up the difference by slashing financial aid and raising tuition for suburban and rural kids?

Best of all, it's a pilot program intended to be spread to cities across the country.