Saturday, May 02, 2009

Governor's Racism to Cost New Yorkers $300K

Unelected Clown-Governor David Paterson just cost the taxpayers of New York State $300,000 in order to settle a lawsuit for racism:
The lawsuit accused Paterson, the former Democratic leader of the New York State Senate, of firing a white Senate photographer so that a black photographer could be hired in his place. And to make matters worse, the Post reported, Paterson claimed in a sworn deposition that he didn't see well enough to have fired the photographer because of his race. A spokesman for Paterson later dismissed the comment as "a quip, a joke."
Even the state's famously boneheaded liberals have had enough (the 27% who still approve of Paterson's buffoonery are in the "mega-bonehead" or "Keith Olbermann" class).

The real question is, why is the State liable? Why isn't Paterson himself coughing up the 300 large? It's not so funny when you consider that Paterson's budget cutting measures include endangering New Yorkers by closing vital regional healthcare facilities. Without AL Lee Hospital in Fulton locals face an ambulance ride to Oswego (often impossible when lake effect snows strike) or a 40 minute jaunt to Syracuse (likewise not much fun in the winter).

Those three hundred thousand clams that Paterson just wasted might have kept Fulton with something more useful than the band-aid station into which the hospital has been converted.

This story actually broke before Spitzer resigned in disgrace - didn't get a lot of MSM coverage for some reason - certainly not because of his party affiliation.