Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Iraqis Want to Follow Afghan Example

As posted by Mister Pundit, William Shawcross had this to say in, of all places, the Guardian, bastion of ludicrous leftist lunacy:

"We saw it much more recently in Afghanistan, where the people confounded the western critics and scoffers and, despite Taliban threats, voted overwhelmingly to put the curse of the Taliban's Islamic extremism behind them.

And we are seeing it most brutally and clearly in Iraq today, where everyone associated with the attempt to give the Iraqi people a decent future risks being murdered."
Despite this, the Iraqi people are determined to have their voices heard:
"People are being extremely brave in flouting the demands of the killers. Both Kurds and Shias are resisting the horrific provocations from Sunni terrorists. The election will not end the crisis in Iraq. But Iraqis, like the Algerians and Afghans, clearly wish to defy those who seek to murder, mutilate and incarcerate them."