Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Scott Taylor: Fallujah = Alamo

Canadian Taylor, who bills himself as a "war correspondent" and "former professional soldier" (though he's cagey about details of his service, possibly because he apparently never rose above the rank of private) has become another Western propagandist for al Jazeera. Taylor seems especially enamored of the former Baathists and foreign terrorists trying to prevent the January 30th elections. Here's how he describes them in an essay for the Arab disinformation outlet:

Like those American frontiersmen who fought that legendary one-sided battle against superior Mexican forces at the Alamo, Falluja has now become a symbol of resistance to US occupation.

Oddly, I don't recall any accounts of Davy Crockett coldly blowing children to smithereens; or Jim Bowie cravenly beheading hooded and bound captives.

Perhaps Taylor is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, as he was reportedly held hostage for five days in Iraq by members of Ansar-al-Islam. That might explain why he was readily available when al Jazeera offered him the position of whore.

There's something fishy about the abduction story - I haven't been able to find any independent corroboration for what Taylor says happened. The Dread Pundit Bluto will keep looking.