Monday, February 21, 2005

The Problem at UCB is Deeper Than Just Ward Churchill

Excerpts from a few of the many passionate defenses of Ward Churchill from University of Colorado (Boulder) faculty members:

Margaret D. LeCompte sneers:
...the United States should look seriously at its actions in the international sphere, and not be surprised if doing harm elsewhere redounds with bad consequences for us at home.
This is the same thing as arguing in court that a rape victim "asked for it" because she wore provocative clothing. The Dread Pundit Bluto smells High Hypocrisy at work here.

AnnJanette Rosga sniffs:
The fact that Professor Churchill's essay in question was publicly available more than two years ago makes it apparent that the University's reaction now is *not* to the content of this essay but to the public hysteria that has only recently been whipped up by media distortions of it.
Interesting, AnnJanette is arguing for a statute of limitations on ignorant, boorish, slanderous remarks. This letter absolutely reeks of Academic Elitism. I believe AnnJanette has issues with the little people.

Ken Bonetti whines:
Professor Churchill is the victim of a sinister smear campaign designed to intimidate academics, not only at the University of Colorado, but nationwide.
What good ivory tower drama is complete without a paranoid fantasy? Thank you Ken, for being so predictable. Now wipe the saliva off your lips.

The source linked to 14 of these little missives defending Ward Churchill. The Dread Pundit Bluto suggests that the people of Colorado demand an examination of the hiring practices of the University. Someone is asleep at the switch if this many jackasses are on the faculty.