Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Snipers Having Deadly Effect on Insurgents

As I reported earlier, snipers have been deployed to Iraq to discourage insurgents from getting within rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) range. This is what happens to insurgents who get too close. I've blurred the gruesome wound suffered by the insurgent.

Insurgent killed by sniper

The snipers were deployed with M-14 rifles which have an effective range of about 800 meters. RPGs are only effective at up to 400-500 meters. I believe this insurgent, however, was actually killed with this weapon:

Barrett "Light Fifty" Model 82A1

The .50 caliber Barrett has an effective range of 1800 meters.

Update: Use of .50 caliber weapons, with their flat trajectory, for sniping was pioneered by Carlos "Whitefeather" Hathcock, the legendary Marine sniper, who never faced murder charges brought by politically correct brasshat REMFs.
Update: The unedited insurgent photo is located here. Don't click on the link if you're even a little bit squeamish.