Wednesday, March 30, 2005

And Felos Calls The Schindlers Fanatics?

Eric Pfeiffer had this piece published today in National Review. To say that the behavior of Michael Schiavo's attorney George Felos has been bizarre at times is an understatement. The fact that someone with Felos' beliefs has been deeply involved in the Terri Schiavo is deeply disturbing:
Felos believes he used this "conscious evolution" in his first "right-to-die" case concerning Estelle Browning. Felos says when he was alone with Browning they shared a "soul touch" in which their spirits left their respective bodies and spoke to each other. It was in this encounter that Browning "told" Felos she wanted to die:

"As I continued to stay beside Mrs. Browning at her nursing home bed, I felt my mind relax and my weight sink into the ground. I began to feel lightheaded as I became more reposed. Although feeling like I could drift into sleep, I also experienced a sense of heightened awareness."
The article also quotes Felos as saying that he almost caused a plane to crash with his mind. And Felos communicated telepathically with his unborn son.

Maybe Felos does have the ability to endanger planes with his mind and to communicate with unconscious people telepathically. And maybe the rest of us should take Felos' pronouncements on the Terri Schiavo case with a large grain of salt.

Via Captain's Quarters.