Thursday, March 31, 2005

Much Too Little, Much Too Late: Hanoi Jane "Apologizes"

Jane Fonda mans a North Vietnamese
antiaircraft gun used to kill American pilots

MSNBC reports that Jane Fonda is sorry, sort of, for one of the vile, treasonous things she did during the Vietnam war.
NEW YORK - Jane Fonda says her 1972 visit to a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun site, an incident that brought her the nickname "Hanoi Jane," was a "betrayal" of American forces and of the "country that gave me privilege."

"The image of Jane Fonda, 'Barbarella,' Henry Fonda's daughter ... sitting on an enemy aircraft gun was a betrayal ... the largest lapse of judgment that I can even imagine," Fonda told Lesley Stahl in a "60 Minutes" interview that will air Sunday night
Yes, a betrayal, a lapse of judgment. In fact, the whole trip was an act of treason, far beyond any legitimate form of protest.

Since you're so sorry Jane, why not do the right thing? Turn yourself in and confess your treason.