Saturday, April 23, 2005

Search For Hostages in Madaen Yields Weapons Stockpiles

While it's still not clear whether or not the scores of bodies found floating in the Tigris River were hostages reportedly taken by Sunni terrorists, the massive search of the area has taken large supplies of weapons and explosives out of insurgent hands. From a press release (via DVIDS):
Staff Sgt. Craig Zentkovich

MADAIN, Iraq – Following an early-morning cordon and search of a city south of Baghdad, Iraqi Security Forces supported by Task Force Baghdad Soldiers, discovered weapons caches at two separate locations Monday.

Prior to Monday’s search, Madain (also known as Salman Pak) had for months been known as a terrorist staging ground for improvised explosive device attacks against Iraqi and U.S. forces.

Items discovered and later destroyed by an explosive ordinance disposal team from Task Force Baghdad’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, included more than 50 82mm mortal shells, rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, rockets, high-explosive artillery shells, and a pair of 250-pound Russian-made bombs.

Additionally, dozens of rigged IED initiation devices and spools of wire were found in a nearby shack.