Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So-Called Arab Intellectuals: "US policy hinders reform in Mideast"

This is what too often passes for "intellectualism" in the Middle East - from Gulf Daily News (note that the conference was held in Amman, Jordan, the country that suckled lunatic terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi):
AMMAN: Arab intellectuals and reformers say they have seen few advances towards democracy in the Arab world in the past year. The third Arab Human Development Report (AHDR), released yesterday under UN auspices, said most reforms were "embryonic and fragmentary" and did not amount to a serious effort to end repression in the region, which has some of the world's most authoritarian governments.

The United States, which says it aims to promote democracy in the region, contributed to an international context that hampered progress through its policy towards Israel, its actions in Iraq and security measures affecting Arabs, the report said.
Even the UN didn't have the temerity to publish this report without a disclaimer:
"Some of the views expressed by the authors are not shared by UNDP or the UN ... (But) this report clearly reflects a very real anger and concern felt across the region," wrote Mark Malloch Brown, UNDP Administrator at the time it was written.
Well, there's nothing else for it; in response to these terrorist enablers and sympathizers who have created this dishonest and pernicious report, I'm giving them the finger: