Friday, April 29, 2005

"Welcome to Ground Zero" - Ward Churchill

Churchill, the University of Colorado professor at the center of a firestorm concerning comments he has made about 9/11 victims (calling them "little Eichmanns", among other bon mots), is feeling victimized by officials looking into his suitability to continue teaching at the institution.

Churchill spoke at a rally for him Tuesday night (from the Denver Post
"Welcome to ground zero," Churchill said to loud cheers. "I do not back up an inch. My fight is your fight and vice versa. ... We go forward with this (expletive) committee and its process, and we defeat that."
The investigation into Churchill by University officials has decided that he can't be fired for what he said, but is looking into accusations of plagiarism and misrepresentation of his ethnic background.

Churchill probably doesn't realize it, but his invocation of Ground Zero is as deeply offensive as the slanderous things he had to say about the innocent victims of 9/11. The real Ground Zero has a quiet power evocative of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial or Arlington National Cemetery. It doesn't deserve to be sullied by having a creature like Churchill utter the words.

This ridiculous drama queen should be dropped like a noisome nugget from a diseased hog's buttocks. He has nothing of value to teach.