Thursday, June 16, 2005

An "Unexpected and Compelling Love Story"

Jennifer Wilbanks, the so-called runaway bride, has granted rights to her story to a company that plans to pitch a movie based on her life and that of her lapdog fianceé. Gag me with a spoon. From The Associated Press:
ReganMedia, a New York multimedia company, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for a story in Thursday's papers it has acquired all media rights to the "life stories" of Wilbanks and her fiance, John Mason.

"I am looking forward to developing the scripted project with Wilbanks and Mason," company president Judith Regan said in a statement. "Theirs is an unexpected and compelling story of love and forgiveness that has certainly taught me a thing or two."
And what would that be Judith? How to take advantage of people with obvious mental disorders?

I don't mean Wilbanks. Anyone stupid enough to fork over $9.75 to watch a movie based on this pathetic imbecile's life is obviously suffering from some sort of mental disease. Too bad Georgia doesn't have a "Son of Sam" law to prevent criminals from making a profit on their crimes.

Update: Casting the Jennifer Wilbanks Movie
Reader Richard Steins suggests Harvey Fierstein for the role of Jennifer. Yeah, I think Harvey could carry it off.

Harvey Fierstein