Friday, August 26, 2005

Iraqi and US Forces Capture and Kill Terrorist Insurgents

The American Forces Press Service reports that Iraqi and American forces have captured six terrorists in Barwannah, Iraq and discovered two weapons caches. In separate action. Task Force Liberty soldiers captured two terrorists suspected of providing financial and logistical support to terrorist actions in northern Iraq. From the bulletin:
Task Force Liberty soldiers captured two key terrorists in a pair of overnight raids Aug. 25 and today. The terrorists are suspected of financing and enabling terrorist acts in north-central Iraq, according to Multinational Force Iraq news releases.

Soldiers detained the first suspect after receiving information that he was attending a meeting in Dwar, which is located between Tikrit and Bayji. The second terrorist was captured along with two other suspects in Hawija, a rural area of northern Iraq.
Iraqi security forces and coalition forces from Task Force Freedom Aug. 25 and today detained 16 individuals suspected of terrorist activity in western Mosul.
In another raid, U.S. soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, detained nine individuals suspected of terrorist activity at a checkpoint in Rawah.
Responding to reports of a drive-by shooting at the market in Haswah, Iraqi police captured the shooters Aug. 25.
I'm reprinting these stories on the off chance that our loyal, unbiased, non-partisan mainstream media completely ignore them.