Monday, September 26, 2005

Al-Jazeera Reporter Convicted in Spanish Terrorism Trial

Buried far down in a report about the conviction of a Spanish al Qaeda cell leader is this nugget, which confirms what most reasonable people have suspected about the pan-Arab propaganda outlet al-Jazeera all along.

From the Associated Press via Yahoo! News:
Twenty-one others also stood trial, but on charges not directly related to Sept. 11. Of those, 16 were convicted of belonging to or collaborating with a terrorist organization and five were acquitted.

One of the 16 was Tayssir Alouny, a correspondent for the pan-Arab TV network Al-Jazeera. He was convicted of collaboration and sentenced to seven years in jail.

Al-Jazeera condemned Alouny's verdict.

"It was a black day in the history of the Spanish justice," Al-Jazeera news editor Ahmed al-Sheik told the broadcaster from Madrid. "We were all shocked because everyone expected Alouny to be freed. It is a regrettable event in the history of international journalism when a journalist who sought the truth becomes the accused."

Alouny is one of the "journalists" who interviewed Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks and subsequently, al-Jazeera has become virtually the only "news organization" on the al Qaeda press release list. This is a good start, but now the civilized world needs to get serious with the rest of the terrorist sympathizers and collaborators at al-Jazeera.